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The Pleasure of Puffy Nipples

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Before porn, I didn’t even realize that puffy nipples were an actual thing. When I was still young and inexperienced, I thought boobs were boobs and nipples were all pretty much the same. I had no comprehension of the wonderful world of variety that awaited me!

Whether it’s on a site with erotic pictures, in a collection of hardcore teen sex videos, or if it’s a puffy nipples Chaturbate cam, my desire to see all kinds of titties is easily tended to thanks to the internet.

I remember my older brother and his friends looking at a porn magazine one time. One guy made fun of a model with little boobs, and another guy said that all boobs are good boobs and anything more than a handful is a waste. It’s a stupid memory, but it stuck with me. My brother had allowed me to stay in the room so long as I swore not to tell our mother that he had pictures of naked girls hidden in his record cases.

When I went to school the next day with those images still fresh in my mind, I started looking at the girls around me differently and wondering about their nipples. Now with the internet and webcams, I can look as often as I want.

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