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The New Found Success of the Live Cam Show Industry

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After noticing somewhat recently that the live cam industry had been revived and this time it is is thriving and so I decided to do some investigation. One of the things I read that I found somewhat informative was this Chaturbate review, but I honestly didn’t find anything that really got to the heart of the matter so I thought I’d write something brief.

In short and direct summary: The first time live cam shows hot the market the financial model was entirely weighted in favour of the site owners to the point where both the consumer and performer got totally ripped off. This lead to every crooked piece of shit with the ability to host a site and employ performers trying to get their hand on a piece of the pie before they sank the ship, which they did.

This has been turned around completely this time. The site owners are compensated through volume, and the performers are remunerated fairly or even better and the consumer is not ripped off. It even speaks to a more mature consumer base as a result and relies to an extent on the integrity of the consumer.

That’s about as brief as I can keep it. 😉

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