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It’s Hot Because It’s Real

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I used to have this friend that acted like he was God’s gift to women. Not only women, he seriously looked at himself as some kind of demigod or something. He was super tall, and I guess the chicks found him handsome. He drove a nice car. He was a star athlete. Most guys would be jealous of a dude like that, but not me.

I quickly learned this dude loved showing off his conquests. He had zero shame in his game, and sometimes we would pick up chicks in his car and he would have me drive around back roads while he laid his seat back and would fuck these teen sluts right beside me or in the back seat. I got a master at driving and stealing glances at the backseat. Sometimes he would even invite them back to his place and fuck them right there on the couch right beside me.

We never talked about it, but I figure he knew I liked to watch and he obviously didn’t mind. That was years ago, but now I can chat live with teen couples and still get to enjoy my favorite pastime with hot young couples whenever I want!

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