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Happy Teen Likes Making VR Sex Tapes!

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I’ve got the house to myself for the next week and I know exactly what I’m going to do with my time. One of my housemates recently got a VR headset and until now he hasn’t let me near it. It’s not that he thinks I’ll break it, he just said that watching VR Porn Videos is awesome and it’s that good he wouldn’t dare share it with anyone. I’m actually lucky that he didn’t take it with him, I guess he didn’t want it to get lost.

Now that I’ve finally got my hands on it I can see what all the fuss with Virtual Reality sex is. The first sex tape that I’m going to watch has a cute looking teen girl in it, since it’s 360 degrees I can see just about everything and that’s pretty fucking hot. I’ll be getting my own VR headset if this action is as good as it looks already, when I do I might need to get my own place for a little privacy!

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