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Couples on Cam

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Their channel name was most definitely not picked by one of the guys of this two couple channel as it’s clear that neither of these guys are gay. They go by the name of Whippedcreamy. ’nuff said.

Couples channels on live cam sites used to be extremely rare and while I find that there are many more than there used to be there still isn’t exactly an absolute abundance of them. What is still very rare are channels with multiple couples like this one and particularly so where both girls are bi-sexual too.

It really doesn’t hurt that all of the participants are really attractive. The girls are most certainly gorgeous and even a heterosexual guy like me can see that the guys are in good shape and probably quite handsome.

While you can certainly chat live with Whippedcreamy from Chaturbate here you better do so early in their show because once they get going there isn’t all that much chatting happening which is exactly which is great, because you don’t go to a live sex cam site for the conversation.

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